Registration Opens April 2021

Experience the Word of God in Living Color

Imagine you step off an airplane with Bible in hand, suddenly transported into the pages of Scripture itself.

The sites, stories, and struggles come alive before your eyes.  

There is something life-changing about traveling through Israel—not as a tourist, but as a Christian who longs to know God and His Word more.  

Sure, you can read commentaries, study an atlas, or listen to sermons … but when you walk the land, suddenly the Bible appears in living color and those commentaries, maps, and sermons have a greater depth and meaning.  

Scripture begins to make more sense when you see it in its geographical setting—when you walk the streets, climb the mountains, and swim in the waters.  

The Word truly becomes alive and in living color right before your eyes.


Daniil Rubashka

There is nothing like seeing with your own eyes and being physically present in the very locations that our Lord Jesus walked in, lived in, suffered in, died on, and was resurrected from that can better imprint in one's mind the reality of God humbling Himself to take on the form of a man in order to literally enter into our lives. Simply walking through the land of Israel exudes a beautiful aroma of the Gospel!

Amanda Saxton

This trip to Israel was amazing! … This trip definitely was not your average tour … After just a few days of coming back, I already started to read Scripture differently with a whole new vibrancy and love for the Lord. Are you considering going on this next trip? Go! You won't regret it!


Far More Than a Tourist Trip!


Most tour companies take busloads of tourists to the Holy Land each year, see the sites, and go home. And to be honest, if you simply want to be a tourist and check Israel off your list, this ISN'T the trip for you.  

This opportunity is more than a fun vacation to a foreign land or an adventure of epic proportions … sure, it's those things but far much more … this is a life-changing encounter with the Living God that will deepen your intimacy with Jesus Christ as you study God's Word on location.

My desire is that you actually experience the Word on this trip—both the Living Word (Jesus) and the Written Word (Bible).  

Yes, we will see many of the popular sites … but this isn't a tourist trip … this is an on-location study tour. We are going to take time at each site to study God's Word and allow the Truth to transform our lives.  

The Israel Study Tour is an opportunity for you to seek and yearn after the Lord in many of the locations where the Bible took place, grow in intimacy with Jesus Christ, deepen your understanding of God's Word, and have a lot of fun, fellowship, and laughter with like-minded believers in the process.  

Join Nathan Johnson and the ministry of deeperChristian (in partnership with Ellerslie Discipleship Training) on a study tour that will radically change how you see and understand the Bible.


See the Biblical Drama unfold

… as you open God’s Word and walk the ancient paths of Jesus … and Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Elijah, Jeremiah, Peter, Paul, and countless others.


… the Bible’s original context as we study Scripture on-location

Enter the Gates of Jerusalem

Our feet [are] standing within your gates, O Jerusalem! – Psalm 122:2

Take a Boat Ride

… on the Sea of Galilee and hike Mount Arbel with a majestic view of Galilee

Stand Upon the Mount of Olives

… with a captivating view of Jerusalem and 4000 years of Biblical history

"Swim" (float) in the Dead Sea

Take Communion

… at the tomb of Jesus

Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane

Grow Spiritually

… with Christ-Centered Bible teaching and discipleship from Nathan Johnson

Other Highlights + Locations…


  • Evening times of fellowship, worship, teaching, and reflection with like-minded Christians
  • Throw a stone in the Valley of Elah—where David slew Goliath (1 Samuel 17)
  • Wander around in the wilderness like the Israelites (just not for 40 years)
  • Visit the Israel Museum with the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit and the scale model of Jerusalem during the time of Jesus
  • Explore Hezekiah’s Tunnel (2 Chronicles 32:1-4, 30-32; 2 Kings 20:20)
  • In the Shephelah: Beth Shemesh, Beth Guvrin
  • In the Negev: Masada, Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, Qumran, Jericho
  • In Galilee: Chorazin, Capernaum, Tabgha, Mount of Beatitudes,  Mount Bental, Caesarea Philippi, Tel Dan
  • Along the Coast: Mt. Carmel, Megiddo, Caesarea Maritima, Beth Shean
  • Near and Around Jerusalem: Temple Mount, Western (Wailing) Wall, Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, Pool of Bethesda, Via Dolorosa, Garden Tomb, Pool of Siloam, Herodium, Bethlehem
  • And much more!

Come and See!

You won’t receive a detailed itinerary for this trip—you’re simply invited to enjoy the journey. Just as in life while we often don’t know what each day holds, we are still called to seek Christ and keep our focus steadfast upon Him. This trip is a call to follow, to seek, and to “come and see”—the same beckoning call of Jesus to His disciples (see John 1:39, 43).  

Clare Stollery

I would describe this trip as a honeymoon with Jesus.



Kaitlyn Donihue

Standing in the different locations brought Scripture to life in a new way. Somehow Biblical characters became more human and their struggles became more real.

Trip Details

February 28 – March 11, 2022

(12 day all-inclusive trip)



Available April 2021

Note: we are unable to hold/reserve our plane tickets till April 2021, and thus can't determine the trip price till then. Typically our all-inclusive twelve-day trips are approximately $4000 (see more info below).


  • Round-trip flights from Chicago on Turkish Air
  • All hotel accommodations
  • Daily breakfast and dinner buffet
  • Lunches on site
  • Local Hebrew Guide and Bus Driver
  • Deluxe touring motor coach (with air conditioning)
  • All fees, tips, and taxes
  • A high-end Osprey water backpack … plus bottled water on tour
  • Study guide, journal, Israel plug adapter, flashlight
  • Pre-trip curriculum
  • An experience of a lifetime!  


  • Flights, luggage fees, and/or transportation to get to Chicago (O'Hare International Airport)
  • Extra drinks (besides water) at meals
  • Souvenirs
  • Travel Insurance (if desired)


  • $500 deposit due at time of registration to reserve your spot
  • Remaining balance due in two equal payments (dates tba)


  • Full refund less $200 for cancellations after deposit
  • Full refund less $500 for cancellations after August 23, 2021
  • Full refund less $2000 for cancellations after September 27, 2021
  • No refunds for cancellations after December 25, 2021


Group Size: 35

We purposefully keep the group size around 35 so that we can know everyone, have great fellowship, yet big enough to help keep the trip costs lower.

Sign up is on a first-come, first-served basis … so once the group is full, you'll have to wait till the next trip.


Physical Requirements

There is very little level ground in Israel and while we do have a bus to take us to sites, there will be a lot of walking and hiking on this trip. You can expect to walk and/or hike 4-8 miles a day, with changes in elevation (ie: hills, stairs, etc). It is recommended that you physically prepare for the trip.  


Emily Stoltzfus

Since returning from the land of Israel reading the Bible is like taking in the 3D version. Visually seeing the geography, culture and terrain of the land of the Bible has brought color and dimension to the Word of God that I have never seen in such vibrancy before! 



Charlotte Klinger

This journey from Dan to Beersheba, from Med to Dead, was incredible. Sites were so rich with meaning culturally, historically, archeologically and spiritually. To wake every morning and have the anticipation of a day with Jesus in the land of promise and birthplace of the gospel was beyond description. So many layers, so much fun, a feast for the eyes, stomach and of course ultimately for the spirit. You have to experience it to understand it!

What Are You Waiting For?


Registration Available April 2021



Is it safe to travel to Israel?

Although it is impossible to guarantee 100% safety, travel in Israel is very safe—in fact, it is safer to travel to Israel than it is to travel to New York City. We always travel with an Israeli guide who is aware of what’s going on in the country and if there's even a hint of potential danger, we will simply avoid the area. We do not take chances! Overall, the likelihood of any kind of danger is very, very slim. In fact, everyone who returns from these trips often remarks, “I never once felt unsafe.” And personally, if there wasn’t an enormously high degree of safety, I would not be leading trips to Israel.  


What does a typical day look like?

While every day is unique, a typical day begins with a wake up call at 6:00am, a buffet breakfast at 6:30, and usually on our way by 7:00/7:30. We travel to our various sites by bus, and it is at these sites where God’s Word is studied in its historical, cultural, geographical, and Jewish contexts. Lunch is served on location typically between 12:30-1:30pm. The majority of our days involve moderate hiking/walking and it is encouraged that you bring snacks with you (such as trail mix, granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, crackers, or protein/energy bars—preferably without chocolate as it tends to melt. Note, it is best to buy snacks at home and pack them in your luggage, which gives you that space for souvenirs on the way home). We arrive back at the hotel each evening in time for the dinner buffet. Each evening, we will either gather together as a group for fellowship, reflection, worship, and additional Bible study … or the evening will be available for rest, fellowship, and extra sleep. It is important you get enough sleep as each day is full of travel, site seeing, learning, and adventure. Generally speaking, you should be able to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night.


Check out GTI's Tour Preparation Guide

GTI is the amazing company we use to help arrange logistics and travel … here are their preparation suggestions (upon registration, you will receive more details from deeperChristian).